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Residential investment specialists

Overall Customer  Rating: 4/5

The Ambro Wilks Residential Capital Markets team offer expertise in every aspect of residential property investment, specializing in the disposal, acquisition and valuation of multiple units, from as few as two apartments up to nationwide portfolios.

UK commercial property investments & capital markets

Overall Customer  Rating: 3/5

As a tangible asset, commercial property investment offers security for investors that can protect against currency fluctuations and the increasingly erratic nature of the stock market and commodities.

Global Capital Markets

Overall Customer  Rating: 5/5

Our Global Capital Markets Group acts on the most high profile property transactions around the world. The group works with institutional, private equity, family offices, sovereign wealth and real estate companies in the cross-border acquisition and disposal of international property.

AmbroWilks believe "If you can dream it we can build"

AmbroWilks have a proven track-record of refurbishing local authority and housing association properties and all employees of AmbroWilks are fully qualified and experienced in their line of work and, of course, AmbroWilks is appropriately insured.

AmbroWilks is always happy to look at any potential building project, irrespective of size, in both the private and public sectors whether it be for a residential or commercial. Residential homeowners and landlords may wish to maximise their usable space with the help of loft conversions and extensions.

AmbroWilks can provided a specialist service for commercial property owners, AmbroWilks are known as professional, reliable and cost-effective partners. We understands that buildings which are in constant active use need to be maintained, renovated or refurbished with minimal (or no) disruption to the commercial activity. With this in mind, AmbroWilks will take the time to fully evaluate the requirements and aims of any building project. This enables us to ascertain the most effective solution. where some types of building work need to be undertaken in daylight for safety reasons, it may be possible for other work to be undertaken out of hours; for example carrying out office refurbishments outside of normal working hours.

What Others Say


We had an 18 week job just completed with AmbroWilks including extension, new kitchen, new bedroom, tidy up throughout the flat. Tony's attention to detail is top notch and him and the team were clean, tidy, friendly and very hard working. Would recommend.

Amy  Fowell


A great service from start to finish.
Work started almost immediately and was finished on time and to budget.
I would not hesitate in recommending AmbroWilks to anyone in need of a 5* building company.

Rosie Beckford


Just wanted to extend a massive thank you to AmbroWilks for helping out my elderly neighbour. Unfortunately he was a victim of a cowboy plumber who he contacted via a local directory to fix a leaking tap. To cut a very upsetting story short one of the other neighbours water was discounted without warning and my neighbour ended up paying £600 for two badly fitted bathroom taps one of which still leaked. I was fuming!!! So I contacted AmbroWilks and they were absolutely fantastic. They reassured my neighbour and explained the job that needed to be done to fix the problem and successfully fitted easy to use taps as well as a stop valve on the individual tap pipes to assist any future work if necessary. AmbroWilks went above and beyond the course of duty and I would give them 6 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 if I could. Thank you AmbroWilks I will definitely be using your services again.

Elisha Wilkinson


We are a week in to my office build. I have to say AmbroWilks are the most patient, professional, methodical and understanding building outfit I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have worked with many builders over the years and have to say from the early quote stages AmbroWilks have been clear, concise and accommodating. They are also the cleanest operational outfit I have ever come across. Can't recommend them more Will update this review in a week or so, post build. For now, thank you AmbroWilks.

Jacqui Tetley

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