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Kitchen design trends for 2021

What’s hot in the world of kitchen design for 2021 and beyond?

For 2021, the kitchen is reinventing itself. Modern kitchen is not only an area where we prepare meals, it’s now starting to be an online social venue, an office, classroom, playroom, restaurant and much more. And more than ever, our spaces need to do more and work harder.

If you can’t afford a new kitchen, remember not all kitchen designs have to be expensive. Using paint to add a splash of colour to walls, cabinet fronts, tiles, or shelving units is cost effective, and also allows you to add your own creativity and personality to the project.

 To give you all the modern kitchen inspiration you’ll need, here are the top kitchen trends for 2021.

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Colours of 2021

For 2021, kitchen colours that are inspired by nature –earthy tones and colour schemes including high pigment greens and blues – will modernise the classic kitchen, inspiring more contemporary schemes.

Shades like sage greens will define the contemporary kitchen, while others like forest green can enrich more classical kitchen schemes. You can use green to create a connection with nature in your own home, and this nature tones can benefit your mental health and wellness. Give your kitchen an amazing look combining with bronze, brass or copper elements for a modern yet timeless feel.

While green is the front runner, shades of navy blue continue to be a big trend for kitchen cabinet choices. Midnight blue has been an emerging trend which stands out beautifully against light worktops and silver accents.

Red is also an increasingly popular shade for kitchens in 2021, as colourful schemes are set to be a huge trend for this year. There’s a whole range of shades and finishes available, meaning you can introduce red to your colour scheme without it feeling too much.

Calming neutrals, from white and ivory to taupe and grey, are still popular choices. Muted and tonal colours paired with tactile materials, such as wood, rattan, wicker and stone, can create a serene and warming space.

You can always choose other tones that are also on trend like deep shades of off blacks, aubergine and deep turquoise.

Painted kitchen

Painted walls and furniture are a practical and cheap choice in the modern kitchen, and offer a new lease of life to the area. When paired with authentic raw materials like marble or concrete, they create a durable kitchen environment with a contemporary finish.

A hand-painted kitchen can be re-painted in a new colour easily, which is a great way to renovate your kitchen without the expense of replacing units.

Smart storage

As we need to store many things in the kitchen, from the ingredients to the cooking equipment, well-placed and concealed storage is essential for a streamlined finish.

Storage is a big part of the kitchen space, that’s why you’ll need to maximise space without negatively impacting the look and style of the kitchen.

There’s been a rise in demand for clever kitchen storage solutions, including large and modernised butler type units, breakfast cupboards behind pocket doors, and other hidden furniture to deliver more practical, clutter-free living in style.

Working kitchen

The rise of the ‘working kitchen’ reflects a repurposing of the traditional kitchen and an increased demand for multi-functional spaces.

The focus in 2021 is on integrated seating areas, low-level or full height storage solutions, and extended breakfast bars or island units that become an all-inclusive workstation, complete with food prep areas and space for cooking, dining and even working on your computer.

Worktables and islands offer added space and clever storage to hide not only kitchen items but also office paraphernalia.

Pantry/larder cupboard

Pantry and/or larder storage is an essential part of any modern kitchen. How kitchen cupboards look and perform on the inside is becoming to be important.

The built-in storage cabinets can have different storage solutions, including drawers, built-in lights, places for storing kitchen gadgets, door storage, and many pull-out options.

Open shelves

Open shelves will be a popular choice for 2021, they give a sense of more open space while allowing you to get creative and add decorative elements to your kitchen like eye-catching appliances, coloured glassware or handmade clay plates.

Modern taps and hot water taps

Industrial-looking taps with unusual handles and features are a great way to draw the eye and compliment the space.

Also, boiling water taps will become our most used kitchen appliance, transforming the way we think and carry out everyday tasks. A hot water tap provides an energy efficient and safe solution to accessing instant boiling water, without the need to switch on the kettle, or chilled, filtered, drinking water – and they’re now available in a variety of designs to suit any colour theme or style.

Two-tone kitchens

Two-tone, contrasting finishes are becoming a desirable aesthetic in the modern kitchen and it’s a great way to change the whole feel of the room.

When done correctly, working with contrasts can allow you to break up colour and add a real touch of uniqueness to your kitchen design.

There’s an increasing interest in dark shades that has emerged as a result of the shift towards two tone kitchens. Whether used as a sharp contrast to lighter coloured cabinetry or paired with bold dark cupboards, dark worktops are definitely on trend and will add depth and character to the space. These colours are also deemed to be quite timeless, which is an important consideration when choosing long-term fixtures.

Broken-plan kitchens

If you’re after a little more privacy while you’re cooking, a broken-plan kitchen might be for you.

It’s simple – take an open-plan design and create separation without the need for a full-on wall. It employs the use of screens, freestanding furniture, cabinetry, integrated seating areas, media centres and houseplants to create distinct zones intended for cooking, relaxing and entertaining.

Versatile seating

As we’re spending more time in our homes, we need more versatile and functional seating within the kitchen to work, rest, eat and entertain.

Consider including banquette seating, bespoke tables with benches and chairs, plus island seating and breakfast bars, all of which have a more living room appeal.

Wine storage

There’s now a greater investment in kitchen appliances. Many of us are incorporating wine storage into our kitchen design, without compromising on cabinet or other appliance space.

Dining islands

Last year, kitchen islands were slowly adapting into the dining island, ensuring the family can cook, dine and spend time together in one room.

Kitchen islands have been an absolute favourite last year, and for 2021, the desire for them remains strong. There’s been a raise in demand as we use more and more of our kitchens as workspaces, classrooms, food preparation and storage areas.

 Marble effect

A modern kitchen must-have, marble makes a strong style statement and is synonymous with elegance and luxury.

An effective and premium-looking marble surface can now be achieved using laminate, with innovative surface brands interpreting the most contemporary and in-demand finishes in a way that has been never seen before.

Larger veining is a more popular trend among larger, open spaces as it looks expansive. For more compact kitchens, smaller veining is the better choice as the design can be better appreciated.

Sculptural lights

There’s a trend for simple horizontal lighting for kitchens, with a sleek light source integrated to line kitchen cabinetry.

Sculptural lights which marry decorative art with design, such as spherical, triangular and coned, to ring lights and spirals, will also dominate the modern kitchen.


Real wood kitchens continue to hit the mainstream because they create a sense of calm and serenity. Durable and lightweight, this choice is a natural beauty and it can be easily moulded, hand painted and specially treated with oil or wax.

Any material that has an organic influence helps to ground the room and provide an instant sense of calm, and wood is warm and full of rich detail. The look is beautifully unique and something you cannot recreate using other material.

Captivating tile layouts

Formation is the biggest trend to watch when it comes to tiles. While the classic shapes, oblong and Metro tiles, are still popular the difference is in how they are placed.

Concealed appliances

While there will be an abundance of tech and new gadgets in our kitchens in 2021, we don’t want to necessarily see them. What started out with generous banks of storage hidden behind tall doors has since moved on to include all elements of the kitchen.

The hidden kitchen is a growing trend that appears more like living room furniture than something normally found in a kitchen.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, hygiene is today a focus for homeowners. There’s a trend for smooth, handleless kitchens which offer streamlined surfaces that are easy to clean.

There are many antibacterial worktop solutions available that perfectly emulate the look and feel of real stone, wood or marble whilst remaining affordable.

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