How to choose the best kitchen flooring

When choosing the right flooring for your kitchen it’s important to consider the daily life you – and your flooring – will lead. Will you be entertaining most weekends? Welcoming a four-legged family member soon? What results are you looking for?

Laminate vs. Vinyl vs Tiles

Laminate combines the beautiful look of real wood with low-price / low-maintenance benefits. Keeping a laminate floor looking its best is a simple task as it’s very easy to clean.

With a huge variety of styles, in many different shades and colours, this type of flooring will go with almost any kitchen design. Choose a higher AC rating of laminate for enhanced durability

Luxury vinyl – both the click and glue down varieties – offer the same aesthetic appeal and easy-clean benefits as laminate but with the addition of being 100% waterproof.

Both laminate and vinyl are durable options. In laminate, the higher the AC rating, the more durable your floor will be. AC5 rated laminate is used in commercial settings so you know it’ll fare well in the busiest kitchens. In vinyl, glue down slightly edges out click in terms of durability – but only just – due to the way it is fixed firmly to the subfloor with adhesive.

For a kitchen floor, tiles would be the best and most durable option compared to other flooring like laminate, vinyl and wood flooring. The type of tile depends on the use of the space and how much traffic it will see over time.

Depending on the use of your kitchen space, either porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles would be the best tiles for a kitchen floor. Both of these options are hard wearing and durable enabling them to withstand considerable wear over time.

However, if you have a large amount of activity in the kitchen every day then it’s better to avoid natural stone. Stone can be porous and if not sealed and treated properly and regularly it can stain and therefore mark overtime.

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