Converting a Spare Bedroom into a Walk-in Wardrobe: Benefits vs Risks

Maybe your children finally took the decision to start their own life, and they’ve moved to their own place, maybe your family’s circumstances have changed and now your home feels empty or too big, maybe you just have a spare room you never use…  In any case, it’s the perfect chance for adding the new walk-in closet you’ve been wishing you had for so long!

But before you make big floor plan changes, here are some things you must consider first:

It could Decrease Your Home’s Resale Value

 If you reduce the size or eliminate an adjacent bedroom, this could decrease the property’s value and could narrow the pool of potential buyers. So more careful consideration of the space is needed if you are starting with a 2 or 3 bedroom home.

If you are starting with a 4 or 5 bedroom home, your options for creating a great walk-in wardrobe space are far less risky.

There’re still multiple options for reduced space

Consider adding closet shelving, built-ins, and furnishings to the spare room. With the right lighting, a mirror or two, and a countertop, it could even be an ideal space to use as a full dressing room. At resale, it could be marketed as a spacious closet and changing room, but with the understanding that it could easily be converted back to a bedroom.

If you decide to create a walk-in wardrobe out of an adjacent room, you can always look for a place in the house to create a new bedroom. Maybe there’s room on the 1st floor, or you have a loft that can be converted into a bedroom, you won’t need it for seasonal storage as all your clothes can fit in the new closet, and a loft conversion can also add up to a 21% to the value of the house.

The benefits of having a big walk-in closet

A spacious and nicely appointed walk-in wardrobe is a good selling point. If you still have a 3 or 4 bedroom home, it’s ideal for resale and very attractive to buyers.

Another benefit is that you can keep seasonal clothes in one space. It can all stay stored away in one larger, more usable space.

A new space is always a wonderfully blank canvass. The space can be organized just as you like it, and it’s a chance to get creative while you design it for your own needs.

Creating a new walk-in closet will definitely add value to the home for you as the current occupant, and it can also be a good appeal for resale value.

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