The Most Popular Types Of Home Renovations in UK

Many British homeowners consider renovations as the best way to improve their home and increase its value. Kitchens and bathrooms are clearly the two most popular renovation projects in the UK, followed by same-level extensions and loft/basement conversions.

Learn more about the most popular types of renovations.

Kitchen Conversions

Kitchens are one of the hottest renovation choices. We tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and often is one of the most used areas in the house, that’s why, renovating this space will make an immediate and impressive difference in your daily life.

The ideal that most homeowners aspire to is a larger, brighter kitchen diner with a breakfast bar or kitchen island.

Bathroom Conversions

Bathroom renovations are, like kitchens, the nº 1 British homeowners’ choice.

Large-double vanities and free-standing baths are on trend, as well as big walk-in showers with floor-to-ceiling glass panels for limited spaces.

Light neutral colours are also in trend and give an open and clean feeling to small bathrooms, medium-sized tiles and ambient LED lighting also help to make the space look bigger.

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Same-Level House Extensions

Same level extensions are typically more affordable than converting the loft or basement space. Adding a small conservatory or creating a larger kitchen are very popular home alterations in the UK and generally offer great return on investment.

Loft Conversions

Many homes across the UK have an unused attic that can be converted into living space. This kind of conversion allows you to add valuable square metres to the house’s floor plan while not invading your garden space.

Loft conversions can require structural work, as most of the attics are not built to hold the weight of a second floor. This means that loft conversions are typically more expensive than same level extensions, and you should also consider that may be necessary to fix isolation or waterproofing issues that will increase its cost. But it’s still the best option to add useable space to a house, especially in urban areas.

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Key design issues to consider when converting a loft are windows and stairways. Skylight windows are more affordable, however, dormer windows create precious extra room.

Basement Conversions

Basement conversions are a great way to maximise your home’s living space. In many cases a basement space of some kind already exists and can be adapted and transformed.

Structural work and water tightness are key issues for any basement conversion, and it’s always good to get the best materials and builders you can afford, to ensure your basement will be a dry and healthy space.

Basements can be used for many purposes, storage and extra bedrooms are the most popular, as well as decadent wine cellars, gyms, playrooms or bathrooms.

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