Garden improvements that will add value to your property

With the latest events around the world there’s been an increasing demand for properties that are better equipped for outdoor living and entertaining. In the UK, outdoor space is even more valued, as more than 50% of buyers won’t consider investing in a home without outdoor space. So, paying attention to this area of the property is now more important if you’re looking to sell, and you want to maximise the value of your property.

Either if you want to make the most of your property, or you’d like to transform your garden to enjoy the British summer, discover the garden improvements that add the most value in 2021.

The most value-adding garden improvements

 Swimming pool

A swimming pool is always valuable and also an amazing way to entertain your family and exercise at home.

 Home office garden room

Lots of Brits have been forced to adapt to home-working during and after the pandemic. Imagine having an office in your own garden… wouldn’t be awesome to work every day in a relaxing environment full of light?

 Summerhouse / Summerhouse shed

A summer house can be a room just for you or a place to relax with your friends and family. Summer houses can be made in many different shapes and sizes, with porch steps, verandas, or even canopies to help extend the front.

 Garden Gym Room

If you got used to exercising at home during the pandemic, why not having a gym room in your own garden? Most of the buyers will value this type of improvement as it can be easily transformed to be used for other purposes.

 Decked patio

Although installing a deck onto your home may seem like a major project, there are major benefits to doing so.  You can create a beautiful place to relax outside and a gathering place for your family to enjoy special memories together. Not only adds aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior, but also boosts its value.

 Paved patio

Paved patios help you put the finishing touches on your outdoor living space, so you can take full advantage of the area. They’re also durable, aesthetic, and won’t require a lot of maintenance.

Other garden improvements to consider:

✓ Greenhouse

✓ Pond

✓ Treehouse for kids

✓ External lighting

✓ Built-in pizza oven and/or BBQ

Whilst these improvements may take some time and financial investment, people now value outdoor space more than ever before, and each of these will add from £3K to £8K to the value of the property, even more if combined. A home office in the garden and garden gyms are amongst the most desired post-pandemic outdoor improvements, adding a combined value of almost £15K to your property.

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