Renovating vs. Building a New Home

Renovating Your Existing Home vs. Building a New Custom Home

We often get asked by homeowners what’s the best decision, to build or renovate. But the answer depends on your unique situation. You always must consider what each path offers, both renovation and building new have advantages.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of renovation vs building new, and the considerations you must make before deciding which one is best for your needs.



 Renovation involves making changes to your existing home. A home renovation can cover anywhere from a single-room remodel to a complete interior gutting. You still have a lot creative control, but your wishes must fit a space that is already there. 

Here are some of the benefits:

  • You stay in a home full of memories.
  • You still have a lot to say on the final product.
  • For a small renovation, you may not need to move temporarily. 
  • It’s an opportunity to make home more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
  • If you’re looking to sell in the future, it will increase your property’s value.

Considerations …

Before you begin to make any change to an existing home, you need to learn as much as possible about the house. 

  • Is the house in an area that makes it worthwhile to renovate?
  • What budget should you stay within?
  • Do you keep your home’s original building plans?
  • What renovations have been made in the past?
  • Are there any hazardous materials?
  • Check the structural health of the foundation, if is damaged you may find rebuilding a better choice.
  • Study local restrictions and building codes, is your home in an historical neighborhood?
  • Consider future maintenance costs.
  • What are your goals? Are you looking for more space? Need only a refresh?

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Building New


When you decide to build a custom home, you and your building team collaborate closely to make decisions about every element of your new home, so with this option you keep full control on the layout, floor plan, materials, etc.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Everything is new and under warranty. Your maintenance and repairs should be minimal.
  • You have the chance to use sustainable materials and design an environmentally efficient home.
  • You can plan for new technology, like expanding the electrical system to handle today’s devices.
  • You have more design options.
  • You can choose the layout and floor plan that works for your needs.
  • You start with a clean slate. Everything is to your taste and needs.

Considerations …

Consult with a custom builder and begin by discussing the site where you expect to build.

  • What are the local building codes?
  • What are the weather and the environment like?
  • How will the soil impact your plans and foundation?
  • Are there any restrictions in the neighborhood?
  • What is the availability of various materials and contract labor?
  • Consider its intended use. What sort of living areas do you need to fit your lifestyle? How much room do you need?

Renovation vs New Build

The decision to renovate or build new depends on individual factors that are different for each person and situation. 

  • With a new build, it is easier to determine a layout and floor plan; renovation limits the changes.
  • The difference in costs depends on the extent of the renovation you are planning; however, there is always the chance that unexpected findings will cause costs to rise.
  • The timeline to completion for a new home is likely to be longer than for a renovation. While complex renovations can take several months, remember that new home construction requires time for approvals and permitting, site preparation, and all phases of construction.

Your needs, situation, and budget help you make your final decision. Owning an existing home you love may make renovation the better choice. The wish for a home that is built precisely to your desires can push the decision towards a new build.

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